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Core Technology


Multi - stage anaerobic internal circulation reactor(HEIC)

The multi-stage anaerobic internal circulation reactor (HEIC) is the successful experience of the second generation of anaerobic reactor in the process of high concentration wastewater treatment in recent years. Based on the theoretical foundation of the three generations of foreign reactors, And the successful application of multi-stage anaerobic internal circulation reactor in the actual engineering, starch and starch derivatives, beer, fermentation, paper and other industries in a large number of applications. For enterprises to create a good environmental benefits and economic benefits.
The structure and principle of the multi-stage anaerobic internal loop reactor are superior to other reactors in controlling the influencing factors of anaerobic reaction. Compared with other anaerobic reactors, it has the following advantages: (1) volume load is high, is the ordinary anaerobic reactor more than 3 times;
(2) to save investment and area;
(3) anti-shock load capacity, strong internal circulation, adaptability;
(4) sufficient PH buffer capacity, saving alkali content;
(5) non-powered internal circulation, the use of biogas as the driving force to enhance and reduce energy consumption;
(6) good stability, biological residence time is long, the operating range of fluctuation;
(7) start cycle is short, to achieve fast start, start cycle shortened by a month;
(8) high economic efficiency, the resulting biogas and granular sludge can produce good economic benefits, to achieve the recycling of sewage.


UASB reactor

UASB is an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket). Upstream anaerobic sludge bed reactor is the main reactor containing high activity of anaerobic sludge containers, water distribution system and three-phase separator is the key equipment, good water distribution system, three-phase separator is the formation of high-quality granular sludge And the formation of high-quality granular sludge is the key to UASB reactor's high-load operation. Through nearly ten years of engineering application, UASB reactor is successfully used in starch and derivatives, oil, food, paper making, brewing and other industries. The removal rate of organic matter is 85-95%, which has made good economic benefits for our customers. And environmental benefits.
Advantages of anaerobic biological treatment (compared with aerobic biological treatment):
(1) low energy consumption. Aerobic process requires a large amount of energy to supply oxygen, the aeration cost increases with the concentration of organic matter, while the anaerobic method does not need oxygen, and the biogas can be generated as energy.
(2) the load is high, the reactor volume is small, covers an area of small.
(3) the amount of excess sludge, and its concentration, good dehydration.
(4) nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition requirements less. Aerobic law generally requires BOD: N: P is 100: 5: 1, while the anaerobic BOD: N: P is 200-300: 5: 1, nitrogen and phosphorus deficiency of industrial wastewater required to add nutrition Less.
(5) anaerobic sludge can be stored for a long time, anaerobic reactors can be seasonal or indirect operation. Compared with the aerobic reactor, in the stop running for some time, can be more quickly start.


High - speed biofilter(HEBAF)

High-speed biological filter for biological treatment and filtration combined with the traditional process, our company through the improvement of water distribution system, select the new filter, to solve the water distribution is uneven, easy to plug the drawbacks of its low investment, management convenience, High efficiency and low cost. It has been widely applied to the treatment of high concentration wastewater, such as oil, food processing, brewing and papermaking, and has been applied to the advanced treatment of various wastewater. engineering. The technology integrates biological oxidation and entrapment suspended solids in one body, the effluent quality can reach the standard of water reuse, the new filter media with biological filter material, increase the specific surface area, is conducive to biological adhesion, is a reliable operation, high degree of automation, Water quality, impact resistance and save energy consumption of a new generation of sewage treatment innovation process.


Membrane bioreactor(HEMBR)

Membrane - bioreactor is a new type of wastewater treatment system combining membrane separation technology and biological treatment technology. The company developed a new type of membrane components and aeration, in the depth of the sewage treatment has a clear advantage, a large number of applications in a variety of advanced treatment of wastewater. Membrane components using ultrafiltration membrane, in the separation of mud and water will be difficult to break down the macromolecular organic matter retained in the pool, by extending the retention time of refractory organic matter to enhance the removal rate of organic matter to ensure the effect of wastewater treatment to achieve the depth of sewage purification .
With the traditional advantages of the depth of the process incomparable:
1, the water quality is good, the suspended solids and turbidity close to zero, can be directly reused, to achieve the sewage resources.
2, the membrane of the high-efficiency retention, so that micro-organisms completely retained in the bioreactor.
3, reduce the area, saving construction investment.
4, because the sludge age can be very long, thus greatly improving the degradation of refractory organic matter efficiency.
5, the system PLC control, operation and management convenience.